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2010-06-06 09:27:48 by heymiky

Just submitted my new animation so if you havent checked it out already, take a look!


2010-05-08 22:35:40 by heymiky

I'm currently working on a new animation. Its a a one minute cartoon where I hand draw every FRAME! :O
Its the first time I have tried this technique but I'm liking the results. Its a very loose style but it has a cool effect.
Should be ready in about a month, so stay tuned!


Im Here!

2010-05-06 00:35:33 by heymiky

Well I've finally made a Newgrounds account and uploaded an animation. I cant believe the almost instant feedback, its fantastic! Im glad people have responded well to my first upload "Crappy Day" and hope they will like my future posts. I already have quite a few uploaded on Deviant art if anyone would like to see otherwise stay tuned for more submissions!!!